About PharmaNutrients

PharmaNutrients was an early pioneer of the Intel Inside ® concept to assure the quality, manufacturing processes and testing regime required in supporting branded nutritional supplement ingredients.

PharmaNutrients has an expertise in the in-license, branding and global commercialization of novel nutritional compounds, beginning with licensing intellectual property for the use of chitosan as a lipid binder (Dr. Ivan Furda patent 5,932,561). PharmaNutrients subsequently pioneered the commercialization of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) with licensed intellectual property from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (WARF patents including 6,743,931).

The Company complements its support of our international clients with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), procurement and supply chain management.

  • A world leader in the lipid-binding weight loss category
  • Commercialized the first, patented chitosan
  • Integrates GMP procedures with customer cGMP’s
  • Commercialized the first CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Supports university research partnerships
  • Established the health category of Body Composition

Our Brands

For over 25 years, PharmaNutrients has been a pioneer in developing and commercializing proprietary fatty acid, soluble fiber and vitamin blends to food and nutrition and dietary supplement marketers. Evolving health indicators such as body mass index (BMI), fat binding, and lipid absorption were the result of PharmaNutrients’ initiatives in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and chitosan, resulting in leading brands including Tonalin®, CLA One® and Absorbitol®

  • Absorbitol Plus

    CLA One®

    From our founding in 1993 through today, the Absorbitol brand chitosan-based complex remains a leader in its category. It is available only in select markets.

  • Tonalin


    By creating Tonalin® CLA, PharmaNutrients brought the first CLA to market and established a new category in body composition. PharmaNutrients divested of the brand to Natural ASA of Norway, and the business was eventually acquired by BASF of Germany.

  • CLAOne

    Absorbitol ®

    With the intention to develop new applications for CLA, PharmaNutrients continued to support novel applications and research. The company developed CLAOne, and subsequently divested that business to Lipid Nutrition of the Netherlands.

Providing Quality GMP Products

PharmaNutrients’ systems and procedures assure quality management over an international network of manufacturing partners and independent testing laboratories throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, facilitating the complexities of sourcing.

Our mission remains to provide quality products, manufactured under GMP conditions, that meet the demanding requirements of Japanese and European clients.

Our Founder

Founder Mark A. Nottoli is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for translating the discoveries of science and research into commercialized health and nutrition products for use worldwide. A pioneer in four platform categories, including chitosan (weight management), CLA (body mass index), omega-3 (neurological health) and cannabinoids (support of the endocannabinoid system), Mark Nottoli has a passion for the transformation of scientific discoveries from the lab to the clinic to the consumer.

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